How Print Media is Making a Comeback

Over the past decade, technology has allowed businesses to increase their reach through online virtual Brochures, advertisements, etc. Although these new opportunities are certainly important to the growth of any size business, the fact of the matter is that physical marketing materials still play a huge part in bringing exposure to your company. Recent data has shown that in 2017 print marketing grew over 190% with many stating that physical brochures often stood out more than the typical email spam they receive on a daily basis. The following are some of the best types of print marketing to apply to your next marketing campaign.

The Brochure

The old reliable brochure, an incredible yet convenient way to fit in a plethora of information inside a small packet. Brochure’s are often the best route to take when presenting new complicated ideas to customers; they also allow you to provide them with a list of basic information such as your business phone number, address and hours of operations. Plus, they are a great way to stand out as a brochure can be as vibrant as you want it to be.

Plate Metal

Streets and building are littered with the same old type of business signs with most of them being made out of cardboard or plastic. Plate metal signs are a great alternative to the conventional business signs as it allows you to stand out with the public. Most Plate Metal Supply san antonio tx is a prime example of a great location to choose and utilize these types of metals.

The Catalog Is Back!

Catalogs back in the day used to be made out of some of the cheapest materials; these include extra thin pages, horrible ink, and inaccurate graphics. Technology has come a long way since then which has also allowed businesses of all sizes to not only produce better quality catalogs but at a cheaper cost.

Business Cards

No matter how much technology improves digital media, the fact is that business cards are still the best way to introduce yourself to a potential client. Having a stack of business cards at the ready is a great way to offer your service to clients when time is of the essence, maybe you’re on the elevator, or you simply run into them at another business, a business card is always the way to go.

Mailing Postcards

Although many believe that mailing postcards to consumers are a little passe, this could not be further from the truth. Although for a while the use of postcards did decline in their results, the rise in email marketing has turned off many potential consumers, even if the products is something they would have wanted. Postcards allow a business to stand out, mostly because of the fact that you are often the only advertising they see within their day’s mail.

In conclusion, print marketing is very beneficial and an area companies should begin to explore once again. The benefits of print marketing are clear and cover all of the marketing mixes that a company needs to achieve exposure. The right graphics, information and design can really take your marketing and business to the next level.